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Ardmore pet shelter offers low-cost spay-neuter services

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Experts say just one un-altered female dog and her offspring can be responsible for an astounding 36,000 puppies over a six-year span.

Animal shelters say they can't keep up with local demand, so they're taking action.

It's not just about preventing unwanted litters. Spaying and neutering your pet has many other benefits, but some owners just can't afford the procedure.

"It's expensive to be a pet owner," said DeLisa Taylor, board director of Ardmore Animal Care.  That's why the shelter provides a monthly mobile spay and neuter clinic.

"It kind of alleviates the cost for people who just don't have the income, but yet they love their dog," Taylor said.

Taylor and shelter president Scott Southerland explained that over the 10 years the mobile program has been available, 3,000 fewer animals went to the shelter each year.

"On the mobile clinic we are doing now, we will do 50 to 60 per day," Southerland said. "When we do this at the other clinic that we are building, we are hoping to be open more days, so we are shooting to do 35 to 45 a day."

He added that dogs and cats from all over Texoma are brought to their Ardmore shelter for spay-neuter services. Southerland said he is hoping to decrease the numbers of unwanted pets so significantly that there will be no need for a shelter at all.

And that means taking care of your pets will be more affordable than ever.

"We are looking to have around $35 to $40 for a cat, and I would say $50 to $55 for a dog," Southerland said.

Taylor noted that's a fraction of the actual cost of the procedure.

"I had my golden retriever spayed, and I spent  -- of course now she's gone and she lived to be 15 -- but it cost $200."

Shelter staff recommends having your pets neutered when they are between four to six months old.

The new clinic is expected to be finished this fall. The current clinic is located at 321 Carol Brown Boulevard. Call 580-223-7070 for more information.

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