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Back-to-school is a bargain for Marietta students

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MARIETTA, Okla. -- The Oklahoma budget has crippled schools all across the state. But one district is making sure the kids come first.

Marietta Public Schools is providing all of their students with a backpack filled with school supplies this year as a way to say "thank you" to the community for passing a bond issue.

MPS Superintendent Chad Broughton said 800 students from kindergarten through 8th grade will benefit, and the price tag was less than $10,000.

He said it's a small gesture, but parents say it's more meaningful than that.

"Just hearing all of the other parents say how much it helped them -- especially this time of year when there's lots of stuff coming up -- you know, sports fees and you know, different things that they have to pay for," said elementary school Principal Ann Rutledge, who is a mother of three herself.

"Probably closer to $200 getting the backpacks and everything else, lunch boxes and all that good stuff," she said, adding that it will save a lot of back-to-school shopping trips for families.

Rutledge said the uniformity of the supplies will especially benefit younger students.

"You know, where they have a Superman folder and the other one just has a plain old blue folder," she said.

MPS says primary, elementary and middle school students will have all of their supplies waiting on them when classes resume on Thursday, August 17.

High school students? You're on your own.