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Restaurant challenges customers with a Texas-sized cheeseburger


SHERMAN, Texas -- One Texoma restaurant known for burgers used its tenth anniversary to help put a dent in child hunger. Mooyah Burger in Sherman took a tenth of Monday's sales -- plus a Texas-size burger challenge -- to help draw the crowds and thrill-seekers. 

This is my tale of man vs. food.

I arrived to celebrate Mooyah's tenth birthday just like everyone else, with no idea what I was about to get into. Well, 20 minutes later, a three-and-a-half pound mountain of meat stood between me and victory.

It flashed through my mind that maybe I could do this. Maybe I underestimated myself.

Sherman contestant Scott Lodge said: "I can honestly say that I've never eaten a 10-pound burger before. This is a first, and I hope it's a last. But needless to say, my strategy is to lay it out, knife-and-fork it, take my time and enjoy it."

I started out strong, but hit a wall by patty No. 3, and it wasn't soon after that I met my demise.

I got through six patties. My goal was to get through half, so I surpassed that. I'm feeling good about myself in a way, I surpassed my goal, but the other part of me is feeling a little full -- and you know when get to that point where you're sickly full. You've just eaten too much. It's a like Thanksgiving except I don't have a Cowboys game to watch afterwards.

Mooyah's owner Philip Sipe expects about $200 to be raised for the non-profit organization No Kid Hungry, which is enough for 2,000 meals for hungry children.