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Ardmore baby born with meth addiction; mom jailed

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- A mother of six is behind bars and her children are now in Department of Human Services custody after Carter County deputies say her newborn baby was born addicted to methamphetamine.

An umbilical cord test revealed the addiction when the infant was born on June 24, although there was no trace of meth in the mother's system at that time. 

"Children are our future, and we will hold the mothers responsible," said Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant. "We are seeing more and more of this right now, and unfortunately this is a crime that we take personally."

Taylor Cooper, a 25-year-old mother of six young children, is now facing child neglect charges after giving birth to a baby who is dependent on narcotics.

Taylor Cooper lived here with her six children
Taylor Cooper, 25, lived here with her six young children. (KTEN)

One of Cooper's neighbors who wished to remain anonymous said she is upset that this happened so close to home.

"I couldn't imagine. I mean I...  never in my life could I ever imagine doing something like that with my kids, so no --  it's not right at all," the woman told us. "People shouldn't do it at all. You hear about it every day in the news, and it's sad."

Bryant said the infant is doing okay, but is experiencing withdrawals. Reports indicate the mother admitted to smoking meth at least twice, and taking Xanax during her most recent pregnancy.

The sheriff said Cooper also admitted to smoking meth during a previous pregnancy.

"Methamphetamine has become so easy to get a hold of, and more and more people are getting on it, unfortunately," Bryant said.

The sheriff pledged that his department will show no remorse when it comes to child neglect.

"You know, this is one thing that will not be tolerated whatsoever by the Carter County Sheriff's Office, and we are going for this full board," he said.