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'I don't consider myself a hero; I just happened to save her life'


ANTLERS, Okla. -- Ray Olivis was driving home on Ethel Road Thursday when he saw smoke billowing from the home of his 92-year-old neighbor, Margie Mills.

"I saw a lot of smoke and jumped out of the truck," Olivis said. "I ran to the front door, busted it in, stepped a couple of steps in. I couldn't see; couldn't breathe. I tried to call out her name."

Unable to see anything, Olivis ran to the side of home when he saw flames in the kitchen window. He grabbed a water hose and started to spray the fire down.

Olivis then went back in through a side door frantically searching for Mills.

"I got on the floor... really close to the floor, because the smoke was so bad... so thick, and it was hot," said Olivis.

Shouting Mills' name, Olivis said his nerves wer rattled until she finally called out to him.

"I heard a faint, 'Help me, help me!' and I crawled to my left and found her," Olivis recalled.

He pulled Mills out of the burning home.

"I don't consider myself a hero; most people that drive by I'm sure would have done the same thing," Olivis said. "I just happened to save her life. It turned out good."

Mills and Olivis are close friends. he considers her as his grandmother. Remaining humble, he said a certain force is what drove him to run in and save his dear friend.

"Love. If you love something, you'll do anything for it. I love Margie," Olivis said.

Mills is a painter, and Olivis has been cleaning up her paintings from the fire. She remains in a Plano hospital recovering from burns and smoke inhalation. We're told she's expected to be okay.