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Coalgate Man Invents Baseball And Softball Hitting Device


COALGATE, OK - We've all grown up hearing of the American dream and making our own way, but for one family in Coalgate they took they're father daughter bond over softball and turned into something much more.

Billy Johnson invented the Rope Coach hitting device way back when his daughter Haley was just a young softball player.

"I invented this almost 15 years ago when my daughter was playing travel ball and I just used some materials that I had laying around the house." said Johnson.

His daughter, Haley Bilodeau, remembers the early days of the Rope Coach fondly.

"It's crazy that such a simple idea could help so much. once I started using it was easy to see that it was very effective.", said Bilodeau.

The device clips on to any fence so you can work on your swing almost anywhere with ease.

Now that it is being sold it has allowed many more young athletes to benefit from it's lessons.

"I went from hitting little singles to triples and home runs and grand slams.", said Kenley Thompson, a local softball player who has been working with the rope coach for about a year.

The rope coach is available in both baseball and softball versions and can be used of players of all ages. 

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