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Mexican food giant bringing more jobs to Denison

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DENISON, Texas -- The number-one frozen Mexican food manufacturer in the country is also the number-one employer in Denison.

But the jobs just keep on coming.

Ruiz Foods began in California in 1964, but it has quickly become an economic front-runner in Grayson County.

"What a great story!" said Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-4th District). "You go back to the beginning of this company and it's a father and a son, $400, a freezer and a stove that they made out of scraps from a junk yard... and they turned it into this, you know -- the largest employer in Denison."

Ruiz Foods, which makes the El Monterey brand of frozen food products, paused to celebrate 1,100 employees on Thursday, and they aren't stopping there.

Sixty new jobs are available at the company's Denison production plant.

More jobs at Ruiz Foods
Ruiz Foods president and CEO Rachel Cullen and Rep. John Ratcliffe. (KTEN)

"These are going to be hourly team members in the plant, production employees, people helping us make the product, and package the product, and help with the warehousing as well," said  Ruiz Foods president and CEO Rachel Cullen.

Ruiz partners with Walmart so that the food produced in Dension can be found in the freezer aisle at your neighborhood Supercenter.

"What that means is that they're providing more jobs, meaning more opportunities for Denison families, and allowing them to enjoy more freedoms that they have as Americans because they have good-paying American jobs right here at home," Ratcliffe said.

And Cullen added that the company couldn't have picked a better second home.

"It's a tremendous community, a lot of talented hard workers in the community, and yes -- we continue to grow, and it's great to have the support of the Denison community as we continue to grow."

Ruiz Foods hopes to get those 60 new jobs filled as quickly as possible.