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Arsonists blamed for fire at Marietta school building

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MARIETTA, Okla. -- Police are searching for suspects after someone torched Marietta's old elementary school on Wednesday morning.

Construction workers were preparing to begin demolition of the building when they saw fire coming from one of its rooms. Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames before there was any severe damage.

But who is responsible?

"They had some papers that they had got out of some old box; they had some paper towels strung out across the room," said Marietta police Officer Larry Vaughn. "We found a couple things in there that we're going to take and see if we'll get some prints, but we'll just have to see how that goes."

Fire damages classroom at old Marietta elementary school
Fire damaged a classroom at the old Marietta elementary school building. (KTEN)

Judith White, who lives nearby, said she wouldn't be surprised if a group of kids started the fire. She thinks young people should be looked after more closely.

"There's got to be rules and regulations in a family situation, and it all boils down to the lack of supervision and the lack of teaching," White said.

Marietta police are poring over surveillance video to see if they can identify any suspects. Call police if you can help.