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Flash flood strands Johnston County campers

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, Okla. -- Some Fourth of July campers were rescued Tuesday after being stranded near a bridge in Johnston County.

Flood waters from holiday weekend rains caused the Blue River to run over its banks, flooding Hughes Crossing, a low-water bridge.

That left 18 people -- including an 18-month-old baby and six dogs -- stranded.

A rescue team said they hiked seven miles to bring food and water to the stranded campers.

Hughes Crossing
Hughes Crossing was inundated by Blue River flooding. (KTEN)

Some campers said were warned before the water got too high and were able to scramble to higher ground.

"People here yesterday was trying to get them some water by trying to throw a rope over there, but no ," said Becky Griffin. "No, you cant get across that."

Johnston County emergency personnel said all the campers eventually made it out safely.