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Holiday accident sends woman to hospital


BONHAM, Texas -- A Fourth of July tragedy at a Texoma state park for a family while preparing to camp, ends up with one member being flown to the hospital. One area camper rushed to help after a woman was run over.


"As he was backing up, unfortunately the RV continued to back up and looks like the tire spinning up against her leg as she laid on the ground," said the camper who didn't want to be identified.

Around 2: 30 Tuesday afternoon, a husband and his  wife were setting up camp. Park officials say the woman was directing her husband as he backed in their RV. Then the woman fell down and was run over.

"The husband didn't realize it and was continuing backing up and ended up running over her with the trailer," said Bonham State Park Superintendent Jason Schooley.

Campers at a nearby site quickly rushed to get the woman out from under the wheel.

"I knew that I had to stabilize the RV. Then stabilize her leg with a tourniquet and make sure the bleeding was controlled and start treating so it didn't become worse and loss of blood," said the camper.

The military veteran and trained paramedic doesn't want to be recognized for his heroic efforts. He says he's just happy he was in the right place and the right time.

"There, there was somebody looking after her," he said.

Park officials say the woman is in her 70's and suffered a severe leg injury. She was flown to a Plano hospital.

"It's a very deep, large laceration, so there's a lot a tissue damage," said Schooley.

If it wasn't for the camper nearby, the park says the accident would have most likely turned out differently. As for the angel at the state park, he says it's nothing short of a miracle.

"In a secluded state park, on a lake, in the middle of nowhere, that somebody with the training and the skills and willingness to go ahead when a tragedy happens, to hopefully turn it around to have a positive ending, is a miracle," he said.

The woman's condition is unknown at this time. Park officials say she was alert and speaking when taken to the hospital.