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Investigation underway after man's body found in area neighborhood


HUGO, OK- A man makes a gruesome discovery Monday morning and now the OSBI and Hugo Police are investigating after a man's body is found in a neighborhood.

The investigation is still in the very beginning stages. As investigators work to piece together what happened, one neighbor is trying to forget about what he saw.

An area neighborhood rattled after a man's body was found on the side of the road along north h street in Hugo.

"Very shocking. I ain't never found a dead body on this street. We ain't ever had any problems on this street," said John J. Jeffers Jr.

John J. Jeffers Jr. was walking into town early Monday morning when he made the terrifying discovery.


"I seen a mirror laying there first and then I seen a tennis shoe and looked over and I seen tattoos and I seen a body," said Jeffers.

"I said hey man, hey man you alright. He never did answer so I went back home. I went  back home to call the police," said Jeffers.

Investigators with OSBI and Oklahoma Highway Patrol worked through the morning and afternoon trying to piece together exactly what happened.

"It's a peaceful neighborhood. I don't understand how it happened. I mean I don't understand why it happened, it's a peaceful neighborhood," said Jeffers.

Police say they've identified the man but are not releasing his name or a cause of death. Neighbors say they're left puzzled.

"I never thought nothing was happening. Never thought and it shocks me for it to happen on my street," said Jeffers.

Hugo PD hopes to release more information in the coming days.