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Ringling takes action to ensure water supply

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RINGLING, Okla. -- This Jefferson County town with a population of about 1,000 residents has approved a plan to help safeguard its water supply.

The new budget includes a plan to purchase a backup generator to make sure the pumps never stop working.

Ringling Water Department Superintendent Larry Thompson said a power outage from a storm can cause the town's water pumps to stop filling the water tower, something that happened just last month.

"We lost power for like 12 hours," he said. "It hit just right to where we had plenty of water in the tower, but if that would have hit when the tower was low, it could have cost us some water."

Ringling water pump power
Ringling faced a potential water crisis in May when a power failure disabled the pump used to fill its tower. (KTEN)

Thompson said that with water usage increasing due to the summer heat, this backup generator will be that much more important.

The budget item will supply a generator to a single well house. But to provide the best backup plan possible, the town said it would like to install a backup power supply in the other well houses that are part of the water supply.

"To start with one so we do have a backup plan so that we can maintain the tower and be all right there, that's a good starting place," Thompson said. "Ultimately it would be nice to have one on every well."