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Durant band students sell fireworks for funding

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BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. -- You can buy fireworks for your upcoming Independence Day festivities while also supporting a great cause. Fireworks World is raising money for local high school bands.

Michael Dixon, a tuba player in the Durant High School Band, is very excited to volunteer and help raise money for their fireworks fundraiser.

"The fireworks stand employs people from the band over the summer, and they basically make a salary," Dixon explained. "It all goes toward their band fund, it goes to their trips, it goes to their band fees and stuff like that. And then a total percentage of the Fireworks World profit also goes to the band program."

With band parents volunteering as well, Toshia Peterson is happy to spend less of her own money when it comes to her son's band activities.

"It pays for his field trips, it helps pay for their food, and any money that we as a parent would have to come up with out-of-pocket, this fills in most of that gap if your child actually works for the Fireworks World," she said.

Band students raise money at Fireworks World

Not only is it good for the students' band accounts, Peterson said it's not a bad gig, either.

"My kids are excited to come work here; it's fun, it's cool, and you get to look at fireworks," she said. 

For these high schoolers, it's a great way to spend their summer.

"It definitely gives kids a way to raise money where they don't have to go out and get a real job, because there's not a lot of real jobs out there for kids in high school, so this just gives something that everyone can do and everyone can get money towards what they need," Dixon said.

There are currently four high schools teaming up with Fireworks World to raise money. The company has locations in Calera, Oklahoma and in Sherman, Gainesville and Alvord, Texas.