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Sherman flooding threat could prompt utility fees

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SHERMAN, TX -- Citizens of Sherman may soon see a price hike on their utility bills to implement a storm water program.

Ten years ago this month, the city suffered from a round of deadly flooding. From the high school football field to the highway, everything was under water.

"Unfortunately, it cost a couple of lives and millions of dollars in damage," said city spokesman Nate Strauch. "Ever since then, the City of Sherman has been looking at ways to mitigate that damage if something like that were to happen again in the future."

For years, city leaders have been trying to implement a storm water program, so citizens can feel safe when it comes to the dangers of flooding.

2007 Sherman flooding

To start the program, the city is trying to add a $1 to $3 fee on utility bills, which would pay for a crew to carry out storm water projects.

"When you're talking about something as simple as a big rain storm coming through costing millions and millions of dollars in just this community alone, you're talking about major money coming out of people's pockets," Strauch said. "That's why we're looking at something like this."

The city hopes to use a four-person team to build new dams, lakes, and work on clean-up projects as well.

"The City Council is weighing the program... weighing different ways to fund it, and trying to figure out what's an equitable way to move forward to accomplish these needed projects without the additional financial burden on the citizens," Strauch said.

If this program is approved by City Council, the added fees will begin in the fall.