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Silo poised for another title run in 2017


SILO, OK. -- 

When you do something over and over again, it becomes kind of expected. That consistency rings true with the Silo Rebels reaching the state baseball tournament, but the trip is one that never gets old. 

"This will be my 8th time, we've gone every season since I've been here," Senior pitcher Tanner Jones said.

"No, it (never gets old)," Junior center fielder Parker Holland said. "It's humbling and a blessing to be able to come out here and do as well as we have."

"It's the dream of a lifetime to get to go to the state tournament," Silo baseball coach Billy Jack Bowen said. "Just because we've gone it doesn't lessen any. It's still what every team plays for, to get to play for the state championship."

It's safe to say that winning really is a tradition at Silo.

"They try to keep the dots connected," Bowen said. "They don't want to be the team that doesn't carry the torch and keep going. These guys work so hard, it's unbelievable what they do to get there, and they know there is some responsibilities with playing here."

"It's tough, but you feel the love around here," Holland said. "Everyone is rooting for you, and it helps you out when you have that many people around you that love the game, the players and the community."

People that would like nothing more than to see another title added to the board outside the home dugout, the first since the Spring of 2015.

"It would be pretty cool to win it one more time," Jones said. "It's a different role every year. My senior year is kind of like being the leader of the team."

"Just because we've played in the state finals 17 times in 17 years, doesn't lessen the difficulty of (winning the championship)," Bowen said. "We've been so fortunate and had some great players, but anyone can beat you up there."

"It would be awesome, especially with this team. I love all these guys."