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Powerful storms cause concern across Texoma

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Cloud formation in Mannsville, Okla. Cloud formation in Mannsville, Okla.

Powerful storms rumbled across the Texoma region on Friday evening, bringing heavy rain, high winds, hail, and the threat of tornadoes.

Residents of Tioga. Texas had some scary moments when tornado sirens started blaring.

Motorists along Highway 377 sought cover for themselves... and their cars. We found people taking shelter at a gas station. There were reports of a rain-wrapped funnel cloud 14 miles to the west near Valley View.

But by time the storm reached Grayson County, it was just heavy rain with flashes of lightning.

Despite the storm, drivers were still able to get by if they chose to.

We've also received reports of damage across Marietta, Oklahoma as the storms rolled through shortly before 7 p.m. We found spots around the city that had numerous trees uprooted and littering the streets. Some storefronts were damaged in downtown area, and we spotted the roofs of some buildings ripped off.

This weekend will be spent cleaning up the mess the storm left behind.

Shortly after 6 p.m., KTEN weather spotter Doug Drace observed a wall cloud near Milburn, Oklahoma. "It's rapidly organizing and it's also starting to get rain-wrapped," he said.

Thirty minutes earlier, Drace witnessed a very large wall cloud near Tishomingo that appeared to be rotating. There were no initial reports of a tornado touchdown in the area that had been  under a Tornado Warning.

An area-wide tornado watch was set to expire at 1 a.m. Saturday as the threat diminishes.

Earlier Friday, severe thunderstorms with high winds and heavy rain moved through central Oklahoma, flooding streets and an interstate in Oklahoma City.

I-235 was flooded and closed Friday morning and police report one person rescued from a car in high water on a city street. Thousands were without power when power poles were apparently blown down as the storm moved through the city.

No injuries have been reported.

Flood and flash flood warnings were issued in central Oklahoma, southeast Kansas and southwest Missouri and tornadoes are possible in southeast Oklahoma, northeast Texas and western Arkansas.

The Associated Press contributed to this report