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Child sex abuse suspect sentenced to life in prison


SHERMAN, TX -- A Denison man will spend the rest of his life behind bars after he was convicted of sexually abusing two children.

Jorge Hernandez was found guilty Wednesday in a Grayson County courtroom. Prosecutors said Hernandez abused two young girls over the course of nearly two years.

The jury heard testimony from the children who described what Hernandez did to them.

Considering the overwhelming evidence, a guilty verdict was reached in less than 30 minutes.

A video confession showed Jorge Hernandez confessing to detectives that he sexually abused the girls, ages 9 and 11, multiple times.

"This is going to follow those girls for the rest of their lives, and he should be punished the rest of his life," said Assistant District Attorney Matt Johnson.

Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison by a Grayson County judge. Family members were filled with emotion after the ruling.

"You're going to get what you deserve where you're at, and you'll never ever do this to another child ever again," said the grandmother of the children.

During the trial, the two girls took the stand, telling jurors how Hernandez had molested them.

After being found guilty, Hernandez showed no emotion.

"Jorge Hernandez showed no remorse whatsoever for what he did," Assistant District Attorney Britton Brooks said. "He did the most despicable acts I've ever seen in 10 years as a prosecutor."

According to court records, Hernandez abused the girls from 2013 to 2015. When being interrogated, Hernandez alleged that one of the girls seduced him. Prosecutors say the evidence proved otherwise.

"The criminal justice system here worked," Brooks said. "Those little girls never have to worry about Jorge Hernandez ever hurting anybody or them again."

Reaching the verdict both the state and family wanted, the journey of healing can now truly begin.

"My grand babies are safe now. They have closure. You know it's over," said the grandmother of the young girls.

Hernandez will not be eligible for parole.