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High speed chase in Dallas ends in standoff in Texoma


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX- A 19 year old man is arrested after police say he stole a car from a Lamborghini dealership, fired shots at them and lead them on a chase that ended with an hours long standoff.

That suspect has been identified as Justin Xavier Strait of Fort Worth. The standoff shut down parts of the north and southbound lanes of Highway 75. It all ended in Grayson County.

Richardson Police say around 3:30 Tuesday morning they responded to a burglary alarm at a car dealership. Police say Justin Strait fired at officers and led them on chase that ended in Van Alstyne.

Intense hours as a swat team worked to peacefully end a standoff on one of Texoma's busiest highways.

"I was freaking out a little bit. I called my husband I was like, hey, I'm a little bit scared," said Casandra Benway who works nearby.

Richardson Police say they were called to a burglary alarm at a Lamborghini dealership in Richardson. When they arrived police say 19 year old Justin Strait fired shots and lead them on a hot pursuit in an alleged stolen vehicle on Highway 75 North. Police say Strait stopped in McKinney forcing police to shut down the highway leaving drivers in a bind.

"They detoured us off onto the access road and I was driving down that one and came to a light and there were cops detouring us from even staying on the access road," said Reagan Reich who was caught in the traffic heading to work.

Despite efforts from a swat team police say Strait took off again. This time ending in a standoff at the Grayson County line. After firing flash grenades into the SUV the swat team pulled the man out.

"Well they didn't want to get to the point where they had to get up close enough to the vehicle. Where one of our officers could have been shot or he would made some type of movement that might have led the officers to have to shoot him. That's why they stayed off as long as they possibly could," said Sgt. Kevin Perlich with Richardson Police.

Those working nearby say this incident was just a little too close to home.

"You could see more and more lights heading towards Van Alstyne so traffic was getting backed up and it was officer lights. It was pretty freaky," said Benway.

Police say Strait is looking at attempted capital murder and burglary charges and evading arrest.

Strait's bond for Burglary of a Building is set at $10,000. His bond for Evading Arrest is set at $25,000 and his bond for attempted capital Murder of a Peace Officer is set for $150,000.