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Man arrested for stealing fire truck


SPENCERVILLE, OK- A teenager is behind bars after police say stole not one but two vehicles. One of those a fire truck.

It happened in Spencerville in Choctaw County. Deputies say the case sounds more like something out of a movie script.

Deputies say an innocent bystander helped stop another man accused of stealing that truck from a volunteer fire department, but not without a chase.

Joseph Wayman followed the truck for several miles and when the fire truck nearly got stuck, Wayman jumped on the truck and crawled to the front to break in to stop the thief.

Choctaw County deputies say it started when 18 year old Jacob Tyler German stole a car in Hugo, dropped it off at the Spencerville Fire Department and stole one of their tankers. It ended up in Joseph Wayman's front yard.

"I seen the guy in there. He was wearing a fire helmet and said he was fireman and I was like that can't be right," said Wayman.

Wayman  called an officer friend who said it was stolen. The truck took off then Wayman jumped in his truck to try and stop him.

"There's a lot of trucks that go down that road all day long. I'm just glad no one was hurt," Wayman.

The truck turned down Virgil Point Road where it hit a ditch and almost got stuck. That's when Wayman pulled over. Then jumped on the fire truck. The truck still moving.

"He's swerving all over the road trying to knock Joseph off of it," said Ronnie Sappington, a Rattan Reserve Officer.

Holding on and trying to make his way to the cab, Wayman busts the truck's window.

"I knocked the window out with a fire wrench and I crawled through," said Wayman.

Reserve Officer Ronnie Sappington stopped the tanker with his ford pickup.

"I stopped the truck right in front of them. By then Joseph was in there and it was getting heated in the front seat. Joseph opened the door and I yanked the guy out and we sat on top of him," said Sappington.

With a few battle scars to show, Wayman says it was worth saving the truck for the fire department. 

"I'm glad we can help.  Cause I know they need all the help they can get. They're just a volunteer fire department and everyone tries to do what's right," said Wayman.

Deputies say German was under the influence of drugs at the time. He sits in the Choctaw County Jail held on those drug charges. As well as two counts of larceny of a motor vehicle and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.