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Colbert Residents File Petition Asking Mayor and Two Council Members To Step Down


COLBERT, OK -- Tensions remain high in the city of Colbert. This after the city's police chief was fired earlier this month.

Several residents have now filed a petition asking the mayor and two council members to step down.

KTEN spoke with two residents on Wednesday, who is spear-heading, the petition.

They say several people living in Colbert are fed up with the way city leaders are handling their town and want change, especially proper police protection.

Several people living in the city of Colbert are taking their frustration out on the street.

Among them, long time Colbert residents Wayne VanZetten and Lloyd Barnett.

"This town needs to be changed," said Colbert resident, Lloyd Barnett.

The two are working to gather more than 160 signatures on a recall petition, to shake up city leadership, asking Mayor Roxanne Reed and council members Terry Bell and Lewis Presley to step down.

"I personally think we need some new representation, these same people have been on city council over and over and over," said Colbert resident, Wayne VanZetten.

Two weeks ago the city fired the town’s only officer and police chief, Frank Burrola.

Citing insubordination and not properly clocking in while on call.

"It was so aggravating, it's like they all had it said and done,"

Last Monday, the city appointed Michelle Vanneir the town’s court clerk as interim chief to handle administrative duties.

A decision many didn't agree with.

"She can't leave that desk to come and arrest somebody or carry a gun," said VanZetten.

Right now, Bryan County deputies are assisting in patrol, but some say that's just not enough protection.

"If you have something going on in your house, do you want to wait 20 to 30 minutes for an officer to get here?" said VanZetten.

The town's mounting tensions took a step up this week, during a city council meeting when people were told their water bills would be going up by 10%.

On Wednesday, KTEN reached out to Mayor Reed to ask about the ongoing changes, and were told to leave a hand written message; we also tried by phone and were unsuccessful.

And while the rising water bill is a major sore spot, many residents say it's the lack of police protection that truly worries them.

"Now we have nothing, and we pay taxes for a chief of police, for the police coverage of the city," said VanZetten.

Prompting them to take action, hoping the petition will move the city forward.

The city of Colbert has gone through three police chiefs in the last 5 years.

Those initiating the petition say after gathering the needed signatures, they plan on presenting it to the city next month.