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Former KTEN anchor inspires local boy to follow his dreams


DURANT, OK- A local woman who set out to follow her dreams in the big city is making an impact back in her hometown. Some of you probably know who we're talking about. She's Whitney Reynolds.

Many may remember Durant native Whitney Reynolds who anchored the KTEN morning show and reported from 2007 to 2008. Now she's hosting her own show in Chicago.

She's making a difference with her topics and capturing the attention of a local boy. Whitney Reynolds is someone Northwest Heights third grader, Maddox Arnold, looks up to.

"She went to Durant and she followed her dreams. In high school she said I'm going to be famous and I want to live in Chicago, and have my own little talk show," said Maddox.

Reynolds, with a dream of having her own talk show started her dream as an intern at ABC's Good Morning America. She landed her first on air gig here at KTEN.

"I became morning anchor at KTEN and I learned how to talk on TV for two hours," said Reynolds via Skype.

Chasing her dream, Reynolds started an online talk show. In 2010 it was picked up by PBS in Chicago. Her show starts its 6th season this April.

"A lot of celebrities come in and out of here. Which is good for our show, but we have everyday people on here too. We pick topics that a lot of shows aren't talking about," said Reynolds.

Third graders in Durant were asked to do a report on famous people from Oklahoma. Maddox chose his hometown  girl Whitney Reynolds.

"Because she followed her dreams and she knew what she was going to do when she grew up," said Maddox.

Whitney saw a picture of Maddox and his project and shared it on social media. She say it's a moment she'll always remember.

"When I saw his little face and that smile, and holding up a little Whitney Reynolds sign, I took into my staff meeting and was just clicking my heels," said Reynolds.

 Reynolds says she hopes to one day have her show on here in the Texoma area. She encourages everyone to follow their dreams. Which right now Maddox says his dream is to be a professional basketball player.

Checkout Whitney Reynolds by going to her website.