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Choctaw Nation opens regional medical clinic in Durant


DURANT, OK- Exciting news out of Durant Tuesday. A project that started last summer is now complete. The Choctaw Nation opened the doors to the Choctaw Nation's Regional Medical Clinic.

From medical, dental, optometry and much more, the 143,000 square foot clinic is here to provide the utmost care for tribal members and employees.

Hundreds came together to see the Choctaw Nations newest regional medical clinic.

"It's beautiful," said Kelly Swaffar.

Many people in awe of the architecture and artwork inside.

"The facility is more than what I expected. It really is more than what I expected. It's beautiful," said Sharon Moore-Swaffar.

Last summer the Choctaw Nation along with the Indian Health Services broke ground for the new clinic in Durant. What was dreamed to provide the best medical care to those in Bryan County, is now a reality.

"It means providing quality healthcare to our tribal members. For one thing it's improving lives. It's hopefully keeping them living longer, preventing diseases and things like that. That's what our health and wellness is all about," said Chief Gary Batton.

From outpatient surgery, diabetes care and a pharmacy, those who will use the clinic say they've waited for years for this type of facility to come closer to home.

"We've been having to drive 80 miles one way to McAlester, and we live in Durant. So this is going to be everything for the people of Durant, Calera and the areas around here," said Moor-Swaffar.

Both Choctaw Nation leaders and patients say they're excited about the convenience of the variety of services that will be offered.

"It's a huge surplus in regards to availability of health care to our tribal members," said Chief Batton.

"The pharmacy. The pharmacy is going to be a huge help to people," said Moore-Swaffar.

Another plus is it's bringing around 300 jobs to Durant. The clinic will start some of its regular operations tomorrow at 7a.m.