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New Businesses Coming to Downtown Durant


 DURANT, OK— If you’re looking to start a new business Downtown Durant is the place to go. Their Main Street Executive Director says they’re getting a new look this year and they want you to be a part of it.

Downtown is the heart of any city and its businesses are the pulse keeping it alive. To keep their heart beating strong Durant Main Street is giving their downtown a new rhythm all its own.

"There's really been revitalization in people purchasing buildings, renovating so it's an exciting time,” said Stephanie Gardner Executive Director of Durant Main Street.

The city’s historic district is coming back to life as more entrepreneurs are putting their business plans into action. Gardner says it’s all a part of their vision to make Durant the place to be in 2017.

"Durant is growing and our community is requesting so many more businesses that we don't have,” she said.” We have a lot of things to offer but there are ways that we can fill those gaps and we fill that downtown should be a part of that.”

Garner says in the coming months they’ll be welcoming for new businesses some of which will be restaurants, clothing stores, and apartments.  

"It's really exciting because our downtown is starting to come alive,” said Brenda Shipman a local business owner. “It’s growing like crazy."

A lot of people who work in local businesses say they’re excited to see their downtown grow.

"We don't think of it [new businesses coming in] so much as competition,” said high school senior Scarlett Stinchcomb. “We focus on just our heart and our store."

Gardner says despite the influx of new businesses downtown will keep its historic charm.

"It has its own feel, especially with it being historic,” said Gardner. “It can’t be matched by some of the new things being built."

If you're interested in starting a new business in Durant's Downtown District contact the Durant Main Street Office.