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Sherman Hoping to Grow Downtown through "Project Jumpstart the Heart"


SHERMAN, TX -- A program in Sherman is saving new business owners money while putting money back into the city at the same time.

If you're interested in opening up a retail store or restaurant, now is the time.

Sherman is offering a new incentive "Project Jumpstart the Heart" to bring more businesses into the area.

Downtown is often considered the heart and soul of a city.

And to keep their heart growing strong, the city of Sherman is now offering a new incentive to anyone interested in starting a business, in the middle of it all.

"Downtown is really the heart of the city of Sherman and we want to do everything in our power as a local government to make sure businesses have the tools that they need to succeed," said Nate Strauch, Sherman’s Communications Manager.

It’s called, Project Jumpstart the Heart, and here's how it works.

If you open either a retail shop or restaurant in downtown, and you qualify for the grant, the city will help you out in one of two ways.

"The first is a rental reimbursement program, where if you start a business and you're successful for a year, the city will back pay up to half your rent," said Strauch.

It’s a program Leslie Archer is quite familiar with.

Her shop, Leslie Jean's Unique Home Furnishings, located on the 100 block of Travis Street, was the first to benefit from it, when it opened last month. 

"It’s so exciting to be on the ground floor of that, and it's a great incentive, because it's very hard to come and open a brand new business in a town," said Archer.

From repurposed furniture, to unique home décor, every nook and cranny of this four thousand square foot building is filled with trinkets you can't find anywhere else.

"It’s very eclectic, we have antiques, and some are modern," said Archer.

The store even offers painting classes, so you can restore and bring your old furniture back to life.

"Once you do that, you'll paint anything that's not moving," said Archer.

And if getting back some rent money doesn't work, there's the city’s fee waiver.

"If you're coming down and you're going to fix up an old building, the city will waive your fees, so you can put that money into the business, instead of the government," said Strauch.

Either way, if you're planning on a new venture, downtown is the place to be.

The new program is funded by the city's hotel-motel occupancy tax.

If you're interested in applying for it, you better get a jump on it by contacting the city.

It’s only available until next year October, and just seven more businesses can qualify.