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Protesters Gather at SOSU Shouting Messages of Hate


DURANT, OK – Tense moments at a local university, when several protesters gathered, shouting messages of hate.

It happened at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Monday afternoon.  

University officials say several men holding signs walked onto the campus, shouting hateful and racially charged messages, causing tension among students.

"I see a crowd of people standing around in a big circle, and I come out here to see what's going on and there's three guys that's holding up signs, and one of them is just blurting out things about Southeastern and another sign, it was like a whole racist thing that was going on," said SOSU student, Iyanna Williams.

With crowds gathering, and tensions mounting, three protesters remained determined to spread a message Monday afternoon at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. 

"One thing led to another, and people ended up getting into it, and it almost led to fighting, it was just a bunch of crazy stuff going on," said Williams.

"It appeared to me that they had a message of hate, that upset some of the students, and we cannot have that, we can't have the health, safety, and welfare of our students compromised," said SOSU President, Sean Burrage.

School officials say the men showed up to the campus, holding signs, shouting obscenities and racial slurs.

One message marked clearly for all to see, reading ‘Black Lives Matter are Racist Thugs.’

"They had three cameras watching them, and they were just trying to get a reaction out of people," said SOSU student, Todd Tythurlo.

And reactions are what they got, some students showing anger, others emotional.

"It brought a couple of students to tears including some of the professors," said Williams.

But the demonstrators didn't get to exercise their freedom of speech for long.

They were eventually escorted off the property by police for disruption.

The protest lasted about an hour, the demonstrators were not students.