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Jury Finds Cameron Ray Guilty on Two Counts


PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK--  A triple shooting trial in Pontotoc County has wrapped up Friday afternoon.

38 year old Cameron Heath Ray of Roff was accused of shooting his wife and two other men back in April of last year.

Pontotoc County Deputies say Ray shot his estranged wife and two men at their house in Latta, Oklahoma.

Ray's wife was shot in the neck and was in critical condition. One of the men was shot four times in the chest, the other once in the rib. 

It was an emotional time for family and friends on both sides of the courtroom in Ada Friday, as Ray was read a guilty verdict.

"There's nothing good that comes out of this as far as I'm concerned," Sheriff John Christian said. "We have victims, and a young lady that's going to be paralyzed the rest of her life, and a young man that's eventually be going to prison for a very long time."

After deliberating since Thursday afternoon, the jury found Ray found guilty on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.  

Ray and his wife Jennifer were separated and  in the process of getting a divorce, when prosecutors say he burst into her house shooting.

"Threw the gun out, we recovered the gun, then he went to a friends house and left his vehicle there, and then later that evening he did eventually turn himself in to law enforcement," Christian said. 

Jennifer is now paralyzed after being shot in the neck, the two men who were shot are expected to recover.

"It's a sad day even though we're pleased with the verdict," Christian said. 

From their marriage and previous marriages, the two have four children, who are now left without a father and a mother who is paralyzed.

Jurors recommended 15 year sentences for each of the two guilty counts.

Ray could serve up to 85% of each, consecutively or concurrently.

His sentencing will be on Dec 8.