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Oklahoma Liquor Law Stirs Controversy Before November Election


ARDMORE, OK -- An idea that’s been brewing for years now will finally make its debut on this year’s November ballot.

"We need to update our laws and come around to this century," the owner of Clarks Fast Stop, Danielle Clark says.

Some believe the current Oklahoma liquor law is archaic.

They say the idea of a 3.2 alcohol content for beer should have stayed in the prohibition era.

"We're surrounded by states that have already modernized their laws, and it’s really to our detriment that we haven't done so yet so state question 792 will put us on an even playing field with our neighbors which will be great for our economy," spokesman for the Yes to State 792, Alex Weintz says.

But small businesses in the area seem to disagree; Ardmore Discount Liquor believes that once big businesses like Wal-Mart, get their hands on high point beer, their doors will be closed for good.

"It will take business from our wine and our beer, it will cut our sales," Ardmore Discount Liquor manager Linda Lemley says.

State Question 792 will allow for the sale of wine and regular refrigerated beer in grocery and convenient stores.

It will also allow liquor stores to offer cold beer and non alcoholic products like ice and mixers.

"It would be so much better for us to be able to accommodate our customers and what they want in a one stop gasoline, beer, cigarettes, soda pops, everything in one stop instead of having to go to about 3 or 4," Clark says.

Although some may argue the convenience may not be worth the rumored downfall of small business, on November 8th, it will up to the voters to decide.

For more information about State Question 792, visit https://ballotpedia.org/Oklahoma_Regulations_Governing_the_Sale_of_Wine_and_Beer,_State_Question_792_(2016)