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Neighbor kills another family's pets after he says they attacked his goats


CADDO, OK-- It's a dog-eat-dog dispute in Bryan County after one neighbor kills the others' family pets.

The owner of the dogs said her family pets were gentle and would never hurt anyone, but the neighbor who shot them said they were a nuisance and attacking his animals.

"Our dogs were all lying beside the driveway under the pecan tree. We went up to them, they were all dead, they all had gunshot wounds," owner Lori Hicks said.

Tuesday evening the Hicks family said they came home to find five of their dogs dead in their front yard. They believe Gary Owen shot the dogs near her property and then left them there.

"They were just puppies. They were very gentle. They played with my kids every day. The only place they would go out of the yard was out in the road," Hicks said.

But rancher, Gary Owen, has a different story.

"Yesterday morning when I came over to feed my livestock, including the goats, I heard the dogs and goats having a fit. So I came around to see what the problem was, and there was eight young pups killing the goats," Owen said.

He admits he killed the dogs, but only after they chased his goats on several occasions leaving three of them dead and another wounded.

"They killed three and there's another one they got, but I think she'll make it," Owen said.

Owen said he was just trying to protect his livestock since the dogs kept coming onto his land.

"I mean I’ve never seen them away from the house," Hicks said.

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office said they're not pursuing criminal charges. They said it is legal for ranchers to shoot other animals if they're endangering a person's livestock.

The Hicks family said they just wish the problem had been handled differently.

"He knows we have children. That was just a malicious act to dump them out there where my kids had to see it,” Hicks said.

The family now plans to keep their other dogs penned up in their backyard to make sure this never happens again.