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Circus Coming to Town Causes Protest


ARDMORE, OK-- Based in Hugo, Oklahoma, the Kelly Miller Circus has been wowing spectators since 1938.

"I've been to the circus many times and I really enjoy it, I think it's fun and I don't think there's anything wrong with it," Nataley Clements said. 

But not everyone agrees, protesters met in central park Wednesday afternoon with claims of animal cruelty.

They want animals to be freed from performing and released to sanctuaries.

"Animals are majestic creatures, they deserve to be in the wild not dressed up in silly costumes doing pointless tricks, constantly traveling," Laura Daniels, PETA Street Team member said. 

Daniels has collected more than 250 signatures trying to prevent the circus from coming back to town.

While Daniels says she has documents to show USDA regulations have been violated, circus manager Tavana Brown says otherwise.

"There are government rules and regulations that we have to abide by, otherwise we wouldn't be able to have these animals in our possession," Brown said. 

One argument is the amount of travel, intense training and tight living quarters the animals endure from show to show.

"It breaks my heart to see an animal held in captivity, it wears out people to travel, why wouldn't it wear out an animal," Tori Daniels said. 

But Brown says, they love their animals, they're regulated by the Department of Agriculture, and have employees in place strictly for their care, comfort and well being.

"We care for them properly, we transport them properly, and they're seen by veterinarians every 30 days," she said. 

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