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New 4H director in Grayson County


GRASON COUNTY -- Grayson County commissioners have hired a new 4H Youth Director they’re filling a spot that's been empty for six years.

Tamara McGaughy worked in Dallas County for the last 14 years.

She says she's excited for this opportunity.

Organizers say the program started by educating youth about agriculture.

But it's grown into so much more offering kids with sewing, science and math lessons even robotics.

McGaughy says they will have volunteers from the Texas A&M Agriculture - life extension.

"It's very exciting to have the 4h youth development agent back in Grayson County, so that we can focus solely on youth development, and be able to reach out to more youth in the county," Tamara McGaughy said.

The county will fund half of her salary and state will fund the other half.