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Pottsboro Growing Community Garden to Feed and Educate


POTTSBORO, TX -- The city of Pottsboro is hoping to plant more healthy food options, by growing a community garden.

The projects being headed up by the town’s library, and will be ready in the spring of 2017.

In the coming months, those visiting the Pottsboro library will see gardening books coming off the shelves.

"Libraries are re-inventing themselves, so we saw what people were asking for and looked at that and said, community garden would be a good place for us to be," said Pottsboro Library Area Director, Dianne Connery.

Transforming this 1-acre plot of city land located at the James G. Thompson Park into the town's newest community garden. 

"In Pottsboro, it's difficult for some people without transportation to get access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and this park is in a place that people can walk to and then get to know each other, and we're watching it unfold," said Connery.

A long time project that came to fruition thanks to recent funding from the state and the Texas Water Smart Foundation, totaling more than $50,000.

"There are a lot of components that going into creating a usable community garden, and so it would not have been possible without this money, not something this size," said Betty Roether, Chief Grant Writer for the Pottsboro Library.

From growing organic produce, to educational classes, project managers hope the sustainable garden will cultivate and plant interests in people of all ages

"It’s like watching your baby grow, except you get to reap the benefits of it," said Community Garden Management Board member, Lydia Pine.

Teaching people the importance of fresh foods and healthy living.

"It’s also teaching them from seed to table, what it takes to actually grow food, a skill that's been lost in the last few generations," said Robin Jones, Pottsboro Community Garden Manager.

Once started, the garden will have raised planter beds that can be rented by anyone in Texoma throughout the season. 

"Families, business, and even schools and classrooms can rent their bed, and grow their own food, and take care of it, we’ll also donate to local food banks," said Jones.

Allowing them to grow the ultimate green thumb.

"Even if they have no experience at all, this is for everyone to take part in," said Jones.

The city will also provide water, but garden project managers say volunteers and funding are still needed.

The Pottsboro Community Garden will be hosting their first Busy Bee Work Day November 5th, from 8 am to 1 pm at the James G. Thompson Park.

For more details, and to keep up to date on the garden’s progress, click here.