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U.S. Senator Inhofe Talks About "Right to Farm Bill" and Trump


ARDMORE, OK -- With Election Day right around the corner, one U.S. senator from Oklahoma stopped in Ardmore late Monday afternoon to talk about what's happening in Washington D.C.

Republican Jim Inhofe of Tulsa flew his plane to the Ardmore airpark.

By air and on foot U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe is busy pushing for one particular bill in Oklahoma.

"I’m going all over the state today, on this windy day in a little airplane, because I care so much about one state question, it's called State Question 777.

Inhofe, who’s also the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in Washington, D.C., says State Question 777, the Right to Farm bill will help protect Oklahoma farmers and ranchers from environmental activist groups trying to over-regulate them.

"The Oklahoma Farm Bureau, that's the 30,000 small farms what they want to do is keep the federal government, keep the associations like Humane Society and others out of their business so they can do what is in their best interest," said U.S. Senator, Jim Inhofe.

But opponents worry the bill would help only large farms and prevent the state from passing laws to protect the small farmers, a concern Inhofe says isn't necessary.

Arguing agriculture can still be regulated by the state once the bill passes.

"It’s a very competitive business, we want our farmers to be able to make a living, and make a living growing things, so it'll be cheaper for Oklahoman’s to eat," said Inhofe.

Senator Inhofe also discussed his current stance on Donald Trump's campaign.

Two weeks ago Trump appointed him to his National Security Advisory Council.

Inhofe says Trump wasn't his preferred choice, but he supports the republican presidential nominee and believes he can help rebuild the nation's military.

"I was at the trump tower visiting with him about what's happening to our in strength with our marines, and our army, what's happening in our maintenance problems," said Inhofe.

When asked about his thoughts on recent sexual assault allegations made against Trump from women, and the surfacing of the 2005 recordings Trump now calls "locker room banter," Inhofe says he stands with the republican nominee.

"I support him whole heartedly, whether they are true or not, I’m don’t know, but I know that he has said to me personally that it's not, so I’m inclined to believe him," said Inhofe.

Believing the Republican Party shouldn't lose their main focus.

"I just want to make sure Clinton is not elected to continue the policies that are so destructive in terms of our military, over regulation, and things that are hurting America today,” said Inhofe.

The Right to Farm bill will be on the upcoming November 8 ballot.

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