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City of Denison continues with restorations to downtown area


DENISON, TX -- The renovating of downtown Denison continues and the city needs ideas on what the new look should be.

It's just the latest effort to redo the area and bring some people downtown.

The city has already hired a design team but they are waiting to hear what you think before approving any plans. They held a public meeting Monday evening.

Most of the work will start around the 700 block of Main Street and go east past Austin avenue.

Some people who visit downtown Denison say it needs to be more user friendly. They would like to see more places to hang out after five o'clock like bars and restaurants.

There are a lot of open spaces down here in which to build, like the old McDaniel Junior High School that was demolished several years ago.

But the design group is not just reworking downtown, it involves several other popular areas around Denison as well.

“We feel like this will really determine the direction for years to come, and probably long after we're gone they will have results from this design,” said Donna Dow, the Denison Downtown Director.

They'll update everyone about what they've learned from Monday’s meeting at a meeting on Thursday. It happens at 6 p.m. at 531 West Chestnut Street.