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"Team Triston" A mission to keep one man's legacy alive


CADDO, OK- A Bryan County family is on a mission encouraging others to become organ donors after losing their son in a car crash. Triston Paris's mother says at 20 years old, her son made the heroic decision to become an organ donor, and she's hoping others will help carry out her son's legacy.

"Just knowing that his memory and a part of him lives on forever," said Jennifer Paris.

Back in May, Triston Paris was killed in a crash on State Highway 22. He was on his way to work in the early morning.

"He veered to the right. Corrected and then flipped three times in a ditch," said his aunt Amy Hedges.

Triston was flown to a hospital in Tulsa. Family members leaning on one another praying for the best.

"He fought a long seven days. And on the seventh day he rested," said Hedges.

Friends organized "Team Triston." Making t-shirts, hats and ribbons in his favorite color green. Triston was an organ donor. "Team Triston" is working to encourage others to be like Triston.

"God says one man's loss is another man's  gain so I mean one person had to go and it's very tragic but you can save two or three other people and let them live and see their family and all that," said best friend Garrett Morace.

Triston's organs saved eight other lives.

"He saved two lives overseas with vision, and he has saved three that we know if in the United States," said Hedges.

Family members say giving another person life is exactly what Triston would have wanted.

"He had the best personality. He loved to kid. Joke.  Be inspirational. Everyone loved him. He was what everyone would want their child to grow up to be," said Hedges.

His life taken. But the Paris family is grateful that a piece of him will always be with them.

"At least we know he lives through other people. Other families are getting to enjoy their families because of my brother. Because he took that initiative to be an organ donor," said sister Lindsey Joines.