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Ivanhoe Wine and Music Festival supports memorial scholarships of Texoma teens


IVANHOE, TX-- Hundreds of people are enjoying tonight's weather with music and are raising money for athletic college scholarships.

It's an event known as the Ivanhoe Music and Wine Festival. And it's all in memory of two Texoma teens who passed away too soon.

The people of Fannin County came together Saturday night for the 6th Annual Ivanhoe Wine and Music Festival.

The event raised money for athletic scholarship funds in the memory of teens Jaiden Pelton and Nick Capehart.

"When tragedy happens or illness happens it affects everyone, and you really just feel moved to do whatever you can," festival organizer Cristyn Manhart said.

Jaiden passed away in the NCTC softball bus crash in September of 2014.

"Jaiden was full of life. She was funny, very ambitious,” mom Cristi Pelton said.

And in August 2015, Nick Capehart passed after a one vehicle accident not far from his home in Bonham. Nick's family said nick loved cheerleading, and they know he's still cheering them on from Heaven.

"I know that he continually cheer us on and gives us strength each and every day," mom Sherry Capehart said.

During the event Texoma families had the chance to listen to Zane Williams and try different types of wine.

"And we're very excited to have Zane, he is such a good person,” Manhart said.

The families of Nick and Jaiden said it means the world to them to have the support of Fannin County.

"I know it’s an honor for us, as well as the Pelton’s, for the community to be here and support the causes," Sherry Capehart said.

"Everybody knew Jaiden, and they've really been behind us through all this," dad Keith Pelton said.

They hope the memorial scholarships will keep the legacy of both teens alive.

If you didn't have a chance to enjoy the event and want to donate to the memorial funds click here for more information.