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Gunter 4th Graders Selling "We Back Our Blue" T-shirts to Support Officers


GUNTER, TX -- Students at a local elementary school are ‘Backing the Blue’ by raising money for their police department.

For the last several weeks, 4th graders at Gunter Elementary School have been learning the lesson of giving.

"We decided that we wanted to do a service project in 4th grade to work on community service with our students, and make them realize how important it is to be a part of our community," said Gunter Elementary 4th grade teacher, Debbie Locke.

They've teamed up with local t-shirt shop; Ruby's Rubbish and have been folding and handing out these "We Back Our Blue" t-shirts to support the Gunter Police Department.

"We back our blue, is supporting the police officers to fundraiser to get them a canine unit, and supporting them throughout the recent events that have been happening," said 9 year old, Chloe Johnson.

Controversial events that even these 9 and 10 year olds understand.

Worrying about the difficulties police officers often face on the job and off.

"Kind of sad I guess, questioning why people do these things,” said Johnson.  

"It’s not very fun for them probably," said 10 year old Collin Peacock.

Making this project an even more fulfilling experience for them.

"I feel really good, because they get respected for everything that they've done," said Peacock.

"Just helping the police officers through what they've already done is just our little thank you," said Johnson.

And a moving gesture for the officers.

"The Gunter Police Department, as well as the city, we're just very appreciative of what they're doing for us, can't thank them enough," said Sgt. Shawn Johnson, with the Gunter Police Department.

The students have raised about $2,000 so far, inching closing to their $3,000 goal.

If you’re interested in purchasing a t-shirt, you can call the elementary school at (903) 433-5315 or go to Gunter ISD

website, by clicking here.

The t-shirts will also be sold at the school’s carnival being held at Gunter High School on October 28th.