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Former police officer releases a book filled with experiences he had on the job


TEXOMA-- If you're looking for a good read then we might have a book for you. A former Texoma peace officer recently released his first book to local libraries, Amazon and the public.

It's titled "Full Report the Memoirs of a Rural Texas Peace Officer". And the sergeant shares his experiences of what life is like in law enforcement.

Sergeant Aaron Bucy worked as a police officer for five years in Grayson and Fannin counties when he decided it was time to share the good, the bad, and even the funny stories with the public.

"Is just stories about some of the sillier, more unique significant things that happened. Because people usually think these small towns there's just nothing going on or happens. But it really does," Bucy said.

During the time Aaron Bucy worked for Texoma police departments, he said many people asked what he did for a living and what his job was like. So he began writing it all down on paper.

"The book kind of lets you understand what the officers are thinking and how they approach a situation or how the solve a situation," Bucy said.

Bucy released his book October 1st.

"The book has been number one on Amazon's hot new releases for 14 consecutive days," Bucy said.

Bucy's wife said she's so proud of his success.

"He's been wanting to write this book and its finally come together,” Lisett Bucy said.

The couple said the part that sticks out the most for them in the book, is the night of the killing of Deputy Chad Key.

"I listen to the scanner when he's out working. It just gives me a kind of peace to listen to him. So I listen to it, and I knew that something was going on. And it was really tough knowing that officer was killed that night and my husband was out,” Lisett Bucy said.

You can also buy Bucy’s book at the Court House Market in Sherman or check it out at Sherman and Denison libraries.