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Emergency Responders Have Reminder for All Residents


GARVIN COUNTY, OK--  A local 4-H group's fundraiser is helping emergency personnel respond to emergencies faster.

Their address system is accurate within one-one-hundredth of a mile, but when homes aren't well marked, a matter of minutes can be the difference between life and death.

"Whether it's a fire truck, a deputy, or an ambulance, those few minute that we have to determine where the address is actually located, could be the difference between life or death, I mean it really could be," Steve Bratcher, Garvin County 911 Coordinator, said. 

Garvin County Emergency Responders are asking county residents especially in rural areas to make sure your 911 address is clearly marked on your home or property.

Although many people have their homes and their mailboxes marked, if the numbers are small and illegible, it can be hard to pinpoint the home at night.

"My number is so plain you can see it from the street, and it's important to be seen," Lola Pierce said. 

The 4-H group with the OSU Ag extension is making reflective address markers as a fundraiser for their program, but also to help promote quicker response times.

"We have had people who have come in to get a sign because they had instances where they did have an emergency, they're out in a rural area, the first-responders have either driven past them, or driven in a completely different direction, so we've heard from both sides that it's really helpful," Nanette Schultz said. 

For more information on how to order a reflective address marker, visit the OSU Ag Extensions office on the first floor of the Garvin County Court Room, or call: 405-238-6681