The Annual Texoma Striper Challenge - - No One Gets You Closer

The Annual Texoma Striper Challenge


Fishermen come from far and wide to support the Denison boys and girls club and to win bragging rights at The Annual Texoma Striper Challenge.

Competitors aren't just casting their lines in the contest they're casting their bets too in a live auction.

All of the money raised, from the competition and the auction will go back to the kids with the Denison boys and girls club.

Organizers couldn't be more excited about the number of people taking part this year.

"They offer their time, they come out here to support the boys and girls club and give the things they have to make our kids successful," Ron Nixon said.

"We got some great guys that donate their boats and use of their tackle and equipment just to make this whole thing possible for the boys and girls club," John Mabary said.

The tournament is in its ninth year and with more than one hundred fisherman participating. 

This year the program was able to meet its goals to give to the boys and girls club.

The participants come from all around north Texas and they're hoping the fish and the turnout will be even bigger next year.