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Two fire departments team up for training


DENISON, TX- Monday firefighters hit the water and the high cliffs for training at Eisenhower State Park.

Denison and Sherman firefighters joined forces Monday rope climbing and suiting up and going down into Lake Texoma.

"It's useful for us to train together. That way we can use their equipment and they can use ours and we can cross train," said Cpt. Kester Gilhome with Sherman Fire Department.

The diverse terrain near the waters at Eisenhower makes the area an ideal spot for different types of rescue training.

"It offers several different challenges from water to high angle so we come to one place and kind of cover several discipline," said Denison Fire Chief Gregg Loyd.

Challenges like lifting up someone who may have fell down a steep cliff.

"Well obviously we train for rope and water rescues and we'd rather not use our skills. So be safe around cliffs be safe in the water and you won't have to see us in a professional capacity," said Cpt. Gilhome.

Each department has different gear and brings something different to the table.

"It's going great. They're interested. They know their stuff and we're just sharing experiences, sharing equipment, and sharing knowledge which is what it's all about," said Cpt. Gilhome.

For these guys it's more than just training for accidents that happen. It's building a brotherhood that's there for a lifetime.

"It's good to get the guys together and everybody sharing stories and their rescue experiences here and there," said Chief Loyd.

The departments don't often get to train together. The training this time around was held today only.