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Police Respond to Disturbance in Sherman Neighborhood; Ends Peacefully


SHERMAN, TX – Tense moments in a Sherman neighborhood Wednesday evening, after police were called out to a disturbance.

It happened at the corner of West Taylor St. and North Shannon St.

Sherman police were originally called out to what they thought was a possible hostage situation, but when they arrived, they say it was a returning war veteran suffering from PTSD.

They say a friend of his had stopped by to help him, before police were called.

We’re told the man did have a knife on him when he was inside his home, but wasn’t used.

They say he voluntarily came outside, where a negotiator helped deescalate the situation.

"Being a military veteran, it's important that we help people that have served our country and this is a perfect example of deescalating the situation, and getting somebody out here, and especially like I said today we had a negotiator that was a veteran himself," said Sgt. DM Hampton with the Sherman Police Department.

Police say they won't be releasing the man’s name, because it was a mental health issue, and no charges will be filed against him.

The incident was resolved peacefully, and no one was injured.

We're told the man will be taken to a local hospital for mental evaluation.