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Police Say Altercation Leaves One Man Stabbed and One Man Shot, in Critical Condition


ARDMORE, OK -- Police say an altercation left one man stabbed and one man shot, in critical condition.

Police say it happened around 10:30 last night in the 900 block of M Street in Ardmore.

"After I heard two gun shots I came outside and saw this man laying on the end of the street, on the side of the grass yelling, saying ah, saying help me," one witness says.

This woman watched as a man was bleeding in the middle of the street, but she says in this neighborhood, she's not surprised by violence.

"I’m sure they didn’t just aim for his leg, they tried to kill them," one witness says.

Police say the incident started as a fight between two men who didn't know each other, in a home that neither of them lived in.

But they're still not sure what brought it on.

"It was an altercation between two males, don’t know if it just escalated, don’t know what started it at this point, it’s still under investigation but sometime during the altercation one of the subjects was stabbed and one was shot," Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle says.

Investigators say 30-year old Victor Medino was shot in the thigh at close range with a shotgun by 48-year old Robert Gaines.

They say Medino stabbed him in the stomach.

But police aren't sure who assaulted who first.

"That’s what’s still under investigation; we have contradictory stories of who did what first," Ingle says.

Both men have been in trouble with the law before.

Last year Medino pleaded guilty to assault and battery.

Gaines was charged with assault in 2010, which was later dismissed.

"I just feel like enough bad things have been happening, people need to try and get a long at least," one neighbor says.

Medino was flown to Plano Medical where he remains in critical condition.

Gaines was treated at Mercy Hospital in Ardmore and released late Tuesday night.