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Local Boys and Girls Club gets their first-ever kitchen


DURANT, OK-- Over the past couple of years, the Boys and Girls Club of Durant has been working to make improvements to their facility. Their most recent is an updated kitchen.

Organizers said they actually applied for a grant last year, but it wasn't until March that they actually received a grant for 50-thousand dollars.

For the first time at the club, students getting off the bus have a warm meal that's not straight from the microwave.

"We can cook anything. Where we couldn't do any cooking, we basically just heat up stuff. But we can make it from scratch if we want," volunteer Ailene Keeler said.

The updated kitchen is filled with a new stove, large ovens, an ice maker and the kids' favorite-- a Slurpee machine.

"Oh it's great, compared to what we had. We have this machine which the kids love it. The popcorn machine,” Keeler said.

Before the 50-thousand dollar grant from the USDA Executive Director, Larry Long, said children were getting snacks like granola bars.

"Today we're having corn dogs and apple sauce and green beans. We had yesterday steak fingers, Monday chicken. So just good food," Long said.

Children love the new food from the kitchen. And talked about their favorites.

"Their pizza," Rylee Gray said.

"Chicken nuggets," Zoe Lee said.

"Steak fingers," Jacobi Lea said.

Parents are excited to see their kids getting healthy meals.

"I think it's awesome, I think it's awesome. It's amazing that we were actually able to get this for the kids," mom Lindsey Yearby said.

They said it's a blessing to know all kids will have a good meal before going to bed at night.

"It gives me peace of mind knowing that these babies whenever they go home they're going to be able to go to bed with a full stomach," Yearby said.

Organizers said they're working on other improvements like laying down new tile. And they also just got a new security system installed. They said it's all about keeping the children safe.