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Local Middle School Receives Phone Threat


LONE GROVE, OK-- Police say just after school hours Tuesday, Lone Grove Middle School received a threatening phone call.

" We received a phone call from the Superintendent yesterday (Tuesday) approximately around 4:00 in reference to a verbal threat that had been made to the middle school," Chief Robert Oldham said. 

Officers say as soon as the school notified law enforcement, plans began for increased security Wednesday.

Police added extra patrols on each campus, and school administrators have precautionary measures in place for the rest of the week.

"At our middle school level, we have all hands on deck all of our teachers are out on duty during morning and of course will be at lunch as well," Superintendent Meri Jayne Miller said. 

Although recent threats in other areas of Carter County have turned out to be fake, some parents kept their children home just in case.

"They're getting scared I mean it's just silly, and absolutely ridiculous but I also know that it could be something serious," Keisha Lemons said. 

Those students, say they're more comfortable at home until this all blows over.

"You're scaring people you're scaring kids, you're scaring everybody who's involved and I just think it's stupid," Christian Lemons said. 

And with Halloween right around the corner, police have a reminder for those participating.

"If you're wearing a mask or a hoodie to conceal identity or to harass or anything, it is a misdemeanor and you can be arrested for that," Oldham said. 

Investigators are not releasing the nature of the threat at this time, but they do tell us they are working on several leads as to who's responsible.