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Local Students Dress as Superheroes to 'Back the Blue'


DENISON, TX – Hundreds of students at Scott Middle School in Denison gathered to ‘Back the Blue’, by dressing as superheroes on Tuesday.

When you think of superheroes, perhaps Captain America or maybe Ironman comes to mind, but for students at Scott Middle School in Denison, it's the men and women in blue.

"This pep rally is all about us backing the blue and the first responders in our community, because they really do a lot for us, so we just want to show them our appreciation," said Scott Middle School 8th grader, Abby Errico.

From this tiny superwoman, to this menacing hulk, appreciation for first responders was shown in full force during Tuesday's superhero themed pep rally. 

"It's just a good way to show them how we support them, and how we're here to back them, and make sure they know that we love them, and that we're here to support them through everything," said Riley Allison, an 8th grader at the school.

A pep rally which not only celebrated school spirit, but gave these 7th and 8th graders a chance to cheer on, and thank those in uniform.  

"They’re our superheroes and they save us from everything," said 8th grader, Maddie Mar.

"I think it's wonderful that the whole school backs this, and us, and but to have the students take the time and effort to put this together, and show appreciation to us, is just very humbling," said Lt. Mike Eppler, with the Denison Police Department.

Among the sea of capes, banners, and glittery pom poms, several Denison police officers and firefighters could be spotted in the crowd, their smiles undeniable, and their hard work recognized and valued.

"It’s hard to describe how it makes us feel, because we don't feel like we're superheroes, we're just doing what we're called to do, and that's to serve the people of our community," said Eppler.

Thanks to Tuesday’s successful event, Scott Middle School hopes to do it again next year.