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Creepy Clown Craze Reaches Texoma, Students Caught


ARDMORE, OK-- Eerie clown sightings have recently been reported all over the country. 

Several people have been arrested, and one death has been linked to a possible clown hoax in Pennsylvania.

Police in Ardmore say they detained two middle school students Tuesday in connection with recent postings.

Many copycats and hoaxes have led to increased security at hundreds of schools.

"If it's just a joke, man they could get seriously hurt," Todd Couch said. 

"That person could get in trouble, or lose his life or her life over something when a kid was just pulling a prank,"Jonathan Higginbotham said. 

Most of the reported "clown sightings" and threats around the country have turned out to be bad jokes, including several Instagram and Facebook posts in Ardmore saying things like, "Ardmore we're coming for you next," with clown photos, and  "Plainview we're here," with a picture of the school.

Some of the postings from Tuesday morning, were linked to a hoax by two local middle school students.

"Our dispatch was overrun with calls today, which could cause other calls that are serious in nature and have actual meaning or substance to them not to get through," Deputy Chief Kevin Norris said. 

Despite the lack of credibility, APD increased security at all local schools, a few of which were on lock-down for parts of the day creating the intended hysteria among people in the area.

"Especially with Halloween coming around, it is a little nerve racking thinking, okay do I really want to take my kids out," Amber Walker said.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is warning everyone not to get involved, something parents we talked to say, shouldn't be taken lightly.

"I have an 11 year old in middle school and I feel in my heart, people need to start talking to their kids a lot more about the safety and joking around in school," Courtney Murphy said. 

Police say the students involved were released  to their parents, but they'll have to report to the District Attorney's Office and Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs for possible formal charges.