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Pottsboro Offering Major Discounts to Home Developers


POTTSBORO, TX -- Building a home in Pottsboro will now be cheaper.

The city is hoping to attract more housing developers, by offering major home fee discounts.

It’s all part of the city’s new ‘Housing Developers Initiative.’

An even deeper discount, compared to the cities ‘Affordable Housing Initiative,’ enacted in 2008 that brought home building fees (building permits and water tap fees) down to $900.

This newest program offers fee reductions to anyone interested in a building a single family home.

Monday night, council members met and unanimously voted the two year program in.

You might have heard the famous phrase, “if you build it they will come,” but unlike the iconic movie 'Field of Dreams,' the City of Pottsboro is hoping to attract more developers, instead of baseball players and they're doing it, by offering a deep discount.

"We realize it takes a little incentive to get someone to do something, and we thought this might work well with our local contractors, and we'll get some new affordable housing in Pottsboro," said Pottsboro Mayor, Frank Budra.

That incentive is by temporarily reducing fees associated with building a home.

"We have a fine school system, and we're very happy with our community, and we'd like more people to come here," said Budra.

For the last several years, city leaders say home development has been stagnant in Pottsboro.  

"We don't have any empty lots or infield lots that we can sell cheaply, so we have to compensate for it some other way," said Budra.

Since 2013, the city has issued 9 single family home permits per year, compared to the 40 to 50 permits they were giving out more than a decade ago.

They're now hoping this Housing Developers Initiative, will spur major growth.

"More homes means more rooftops that means more property tax making the city grow," said Budra.

A growth, those living in the city are excited for.

"I think it'll be a great idea to drop the prices," said Pottsboro resident Derek Irvin.

"I think it's great, Pottsboro is near the lake, and I don't think there are enough homes through here," said Pottsboro resident, Ara Flores.

Starting now, building a single family home that's less than 1,600 square feet within Pottsboro city limits, will cost you a total of $150, that includes your permit and water tap fee.

For a home bigger than 1,600 square feet, you'll pay $200 total.

The city will waive sewage, cutting fees by hundreds of dollars.

"We have one lot that we own, and everything else is privately owned, so interested parties have to negotiate with owners of the property, and buy the lot to build the house, and we're trying to make it easier for them to negotiate" said Budra.

And while property costs are higher in Pottsboro, compared to its neighboring cities, city leaders are optimistic this initiative will put them on the same playing field.

"I think it's probably one of the best things to happen to Pottsboro in a long time,” said Budra.

The city says after a permit is issued, construction needs to start within 120 days, and be completed within six months.  

The new initiative will come to an end in 2018.