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Hornets Swarm and Attack Ending Field Trip


MILBURN, OK-- Milburn Elementary students piled onto the bus Wednesday morning excited for a field trip, but shortly after arriving, things took a frightening turn.

"They were all over the kids, all over their clothes, they were brushing them off trying to get them into the bus," Johnston County Emergency Director Kenny Power said. 

Johnston County first responders tell us students, parents, and teachers were about to have a picnic at the Tishomingo Wildlife Refuge when a nest of ground hornets were disturbed.

Hundreds swarmed and began stinging.

"Kids were laughing and playing and then there was literally a blood curdling scream and I recognized it, and when I looked down, his legs, shorts, shirt, they were in his hair," Mother of one one of the students stung, Laicho Smith said. 

We're told at least 27 people were stung, some multiple times and most had to be treated at the hospital.

Superintendent Joey McBride says, it could have been much worse.

"We're going to continue to move forward and act in the best interest of the kids," he said. 

McBride thanks EMS members and volunteers who were quick to act and help the kids, one teacher was stung nearly 20 times helping others. 

"My oldest boy he got stung once on the finger he's still dealing with some problems today, he can't close his hand, I'm just thankful none of the kids got hurt seriously bad," Brandon Blue said. 

McBride says luckily everyone is expected to be okay, they were treated and released from the hospital Wednesday. 

The Refuge says they are exterminating the hornets.