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Experts Warn Drivers During Deer Breeding Season


ARDMORE, OK -- Deer mating season starts Saturday in Oklahoma, and that means drivers need to pay closer attention when out on the road.

"My wife screamed deer and I did not see it, it got me, caved in the front of my car, radiator fluid everywhere, it started raining, it was terrible," Ardmore driver, Lindle Flatt III says.

Lindle Flatt says when a 200 pound buck comes out of nowhere; it’s hard to avoid, and the results could be deadly.

"I didn't think that south commerce was a place where you needed to be cautious for deer so just stay alert, everyone needs to be alert," Flatt says.

Unfortunately deer do not follow the rules of the road which can lead them right into your path.

"It can do anything from hardly anything to totaling your vehicle and even causing injury or death to the driver," Carter County Game Warden Jeremy Brothers says.

Carter County Game Warden Jeremy Brothers says deer breeding season starts October 1st and ends late January and the colder the weather the higher the risk of a collision.

"The bucks will start chasing the does and that's when you’ll see the car crashes go up dramatically," Brother says.

Experts say deer collisions caused 200 deaths last year, costing more than $4,000,000,000 in damage.

Experts say deer can become mesmerized by your headlights so if you see a deer frozen in the road, make sure you honk your horn or flash your high beams.

The game warden says drivers can avoid accidents by being vigilant and staying off rural roads from dusk to dawn.  

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