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After Filing for Bankruptcy Pushmataha Hospital Taking Steps to Recovery


ANTLERS, OK -- Last week, the Pushmataha Hospital in Antlers filed for bankruptcy.

Wednesday night, city leaders and board members met for a board meeting, to discuss possible solutions for the municipal hospital.

Board Chairman, David Smith says the hospital made the chapter 9 filing Friday, in hopes of restructuring the hospitals finances.

Right now, the nonprofit facility is in debt by more than $5 million dollars.

Hospital administrators blame the financial trouble on loss of revenue, due to cutbacks from Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid, along with lack of doctors and customers.

They say 90% of revenue comes from government funding, and only a small percentage is from city and county sales tax.

During the board meeting, hospital administrators discussed the importance of keeping the hospital going.

“Our main goal is to keep the hospital open and provide health care for our local people, people who need services," said Board Chairman, David Smith.

Board members say, one of the steps to recovery being taken, is by hiring a private auditor to help in the restructuring transition.

The hospital has also cut back on operating costs, by reducing staffing down to half, and sharing services with nearby hospitals.

But they say anyone visiting the hospital will still be treated with quality care.

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